Why Would You Need a Presidential Healthcare Center Preventive Executive Physical?

Because you are at risk
Heart Disease Statistics
Cancer Statistics

Because Preventive Executive Physicals are:
Not just for the wealthy.
Not just for executives.
Not just for the worried well.
But for spouses, parents, grandparents, care providers, and key employees.
Because you are all irreplaceable.

Typical Examples of Individuals Who Get a Preventive Executive Physical:

  • A 52 year old blessed with good health until now, who hasn’t had a physical in 15 years, but sees those around him being diagnosed with very serious conditions - Figures he is overdue, so he might as well get the most comprehensive evaluation possible including attentive physician follow-up, and a plan for long-term health maintenance.
  • A 45 year old long-term government employee with expertise in government contracts has been offered a buyout so she plans to leave her current secure position to start her own business  - Wants to ensure that she does not have an underlying medical condition that would doom the chances of a successful business in the crucial first few years of her start-up 
  • A 49 year old with a family history of a father and an elder brother who both had prostate cancer at age 55 - Desires a program customized to his gender and family risks.
  • 41 year old Chief Executive Officer - Corporate well-being depends upon his health, and he and the corporation want absolute presidential quality confidentiality regarding his personal health information.
  • 37 year old attorney whose father just had bypass surgery despite the fact he exercised, did not smoke, and maintained a good diet and weight- Wants to start preventive screening early.
  • A 58 year old breast cancer survivor (10years) who identified her cancer by performing a self-breast examination, - She doesn’t want to neglect other aspects of her health and wants to use all available high technology to identify other potential medical problems as early as possible.
  • An active 72 year old still works at full speed and he plans to live to at least a 100 - He wants to be as proactive as possible for the long-term so he has quality of life as well as longevity.
  • Couple age 35 and 34 - Planning their first pregnancy, but want  to ensure that they have the best chance for being available for the key years of their child’s development.
  • Couple 63 and 61 with homes in Texas, Florida and Maryland - Need a touchstone medical service to which they can always reach out.
  • Their children, 19 and, 24 who are in the local area - Their pediatrician is no longer an appropriate source of care and the college student health clinic is inadequate.
  • Someone just wants good healthcare and a doctor who will pay attention to them, look them in the eye when they have a conversation, and do the best to provide and coordinate their medical care. 

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