Presidential Primary Care Only Option

The Presidential Healthcare Center also offers a Presidential Primary Care option for individuals who do not desire an intensive disease screening program (recommended for optimal health), but would still like to receive attentive medical care including a standard annual physical and evaluation and management of current symptomatic medical conditions

Annual Office Visit: Medical history review and physical examination by your physician
Laboratory:  Electrolytes, Glucose, Blood Count, and select preventive tests
Office Procedures: Vital Signs, EKG, pulmonary function testing, pulse oximetry, and fecal occult blood testing,
Primary Care: Outpatient physician services for a year
Convenience Features:  Included
Quality, Safety & Confidentiality: Included
Other Services:  Available, but your insurance will be expected to provide coverage for additional diagnostic laboratory testing, imaging, and non-primary care consultations that may be needed to evaluate medical problems.  Pre-authorization and co-pays may apply.  Preventive studies will be at additional cost.

Design and Price: Start designing your Presidential Healthcare program by scheduling a free physician consultation