Why Choose the Presidential Healthcare Center?

Reason #1
Because the Center is the only place you can get true Presidential Healthcare besides the White House.

Reason #2
Because you want better, not cheaper when it comes to your health.

Reason #3
Because you want a real “Comprehensive Physical” and “Comprehensive Physicals” are not all the same.  
Neither are Hospitals, Imaging Technologies, Laboratory Panels, Health Professionals, etc.

In a side by side comparison, the Presidential Healthcare Center’s program of Preventive Executive Physicals and Presidential Primary Care is distinctly unique, inclusive, intensive, and attentive.


Executive Physical Programs (Hospital) Executive Physical Programs (Private) Body Scan Facilities Concierge
Actual Experience Providing Presidential Healthcare x          
Practice Size Limit (per physician) x-250       x-600  
Custom (Instead of Pre-Packaged) Program Design x          
Imaging: Single Modality (e.g. X-ray or CT) Available x x ? x    
Imaging: Advanced, Hospital-grade Equipment x x        
Imaging: Multiple Technologies Always Included - Ultrasound, Doppler, Cardiac Echo, MRI, CT, DXA, Mammogram x          
Laboratory : Routine Laboratory Studies x x x   x x
Laboratory : Expanded Laboratory Panel x ? ?   x  
Laboratory: Custom Labs with Mid-Year Laboratory Assessment to Track for Trends x          
Special Hospital Services: Virtual Colonoscopy, Breast Center, Sleep Study, Hearing Booth, Genetic Counseling x-* ?        
Special Co-located Subspecialty Services: Derm, GI, Cardio, Urology, Dental, Nutrition, Altitude Testing, Cosmetic x   ?      
Primary Care: Offered x       x x
Primary Care: Full-Service including Hospital Emergency Department & Inpatient Care Oversight x-*       ?  
Primary Care : A Year of Personal Physician Services Included at No Additional Cost x-**          
Cost: Free Routine Vaccinations and Parking Validation x          
Cost: Reduced by Insurance Reimbursement Paid Directly to You x-***          
Cost: "Best Value" Guarantee x          

* Johns Hopkins - Ranked #1 Best Hospitals in America - U.S. News and World Report 2013
(Services and care also available at other select regional hospitals)

** With each Preventive Executive Physical, primary care physician services are complimentary including a full year of attentive follow-up, 24/7 access, facilitated coordination of care, exceptional convenience features, and strict quality, safety, and confidentiality safeguards

*** The Presidential Healthcare Center will submit a claim to your insurance on your behalf requesting reimbursement directly back to you (Refund estimate 10%-40% depending upon the quality of preventive insurance benefits and medical diagnoses)

Design and Price: Start designing your Presidential Healthcare program by scheduling a free physician consultation info@PresidentalHealthcareCenter.com

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