Mission: Presidential HealthcareSM
To provide the same comprehensive executive healthcare program as received by the President of the United States,
by specializing in:

Preventive Executive Physicals: The most intensive physical examination possible, using sophisticated  laboratory testing, high technology imaging studies, and special biophysical procedures to assess cardiac risks and to detect cancer and other diseases early.

Presidential Primary Care: The most personalized care possible, providing facilitated coordination of services, continuous 24/7 physician availability, exceptional convenience features, and strict quality and confidentiality safeguards to ensure the ultimate healthcare experience. 


This combination of medical services offers the best opportunity for a long and healthy life. Link to Supporting Research

White House

Based upon experience as White House Physician, service as Medical Director for the association of 18 regional hospitals, leadership of multiple medical practices, and his worldwide study of the healthcare industry (including research visits to evaluate healthcare systems in 40 countries), Dr. Elting designed the concept for the Presidential Healthcare Center. Subsequently, to incorporate the exceptional services of the top rated hospital system in the U.S., he established the Center on the new Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital complex.  The Presidential Healthcare Center is proud to serve as the premier private provider of Presidential Healthcare in the nation's capital.