Custom Design  

Every program of evaluation is custom-tailored.
Custom design your program
Prior to your visit, you and your personal physician will design your program together based upon your:

Family history and genetic risk
Current health status
Review of medical records
Occupational, infectious disease, and travel exposures

Continuous Monitoring:
Guided by results, diagnoses, and new technologies, disease surveillance monitoring continues throughout the year.
Annual Review:
A revised custom program will be designed annually to ensure the best long-term outcome.
Your Time is Valuable:
Because your program is based upon your schedule and carefully coordinated in advance, it will only require a half day for your evaluation. 
Complimentary Services:
Preventive Executive Physicals also include a year of complimentary Presidential Primary Care services so you are always covered.

Design and Price: Start designing your Presidential Healthcare program by scheduling a free physician consultation