The price for a yearlong comprehensive program of healthcare generally ranges from $2450 to $5950. The exact price depends upon the studies and services included in each custom-tailored program.  For subsequent annual evaluations costs are guaranteed to be consistent and all programs may also be individually modified to meet personal medical, insurance, employment, and financial needs. 

The Center does not accept insurance as payment, but to decrease out-of-pocket expenses, for annual Preventive Executive Physicals, the Center will submit a claim to your insurance carrier on your behalf requesting reimbursement directly back to you. The amount of reimbursement generally depends upon the quality of your insurance carrier’s preventive benefits and your medical diagnoses. Reimbursement generally ranges from 10-40% of the total cost. Also primary care physician services for the rest of the year are free.

Family and military discounts are offered.  

Corporate and Small Business programs:
Programs for key personnel are available. Family members are offered access to the same program of services as the corporate member at the same corporate rate.

Initial Preventive Executive Physical: Payment is due in full at the time of visit.

Subsequent Preventive Executive Physicals:  A payment of $1950 is due before the anniversary date of the prior year’s evaluation guaranteeing a discounted price and priority for continued participation in the Center’s Preventive Executive Physical program including ongoing uninterrupted Presidential Primary Care.  The balance of payment for the Preventive Executive Physical is due at the time of service. 

Other Financial Considerations:
Payment by check is preferred, although credit cards with reward programs are accepted including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

Amex, Visa, Mastercard

Parking is validated at every visit during the year and shuttle service from the nearest Metro station is free.

Best Value: For all programs of care, you will find that the Presidential Healthcare Center sets the professional standard for the highest quality medical care, providing you with a true healthcare “best-value” over the long-term.

After insurance reimbursment, the total cost of  your Presidential Healthcare for the year is only about the same as your premium cable television service.

Design and Price: Start designing your Presidential Healthcare program by scheduling a free physician consultation