Clinical Services

Services and Benefits:

The Presidential Healthcare Center’s clinical care services are focused on you, maximizing your benefits:

Limits on Practice Size (250 per Physician) Time is not a factor in your healthcare
Pre-visit Coordination of Studies Seamless flow of care
Attentive Medical Interviews Your medical history is known in detail
Physician Physical Examinations Links examination with medical history
Diligent Result Tracking Guarantees nothing is missed
Follow-up and Facilitated Coordination of Care Ensures ready access to  the best treatment
Collaboration with Primary Care and  Other Physicians Promotes  informed care everywhere
Detailed Medical Reports You have your own copy of records and reports
24/7  Physician Availability Continuous access  to your physician
Physician cell phone,  home telephone, email , and text message Easy, user-friendly access to your physician
Mid-Year laboratory follow-up Identifies trends early
Licenses in VA, MD., DC No administrative obstacles to care 
Nationwide Prescription Service Can always get needed medications
Lifestyle Guidance Foundation of treatment for many conditions
Nutrition and Supplement Counseling Complements other aspects of health
Travel Medicine based upon travel to over 40 countries Knowledgeable prophylactic treatment and vaccinations
Emergency Preparedness Advice Being safe in the nation’s capital
Living Will and Advance Medical Directive Assistance Help with something that never seems to get done

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